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SENIORS Program for 60+


Seniors deserve the love and respect of the community. Thea Bowman Center is a dynamic
resource for seniors where they can receive outreach, support and help needed to stay healthy
and happy in the community. We want to hear their voices and respond to their needs.

Please call BJ Brown 216-491-0699 for further information.


Recreational Activities

  • Trips around Ohio and other places

  • Art and Culture- local museums arts, music, history

  • Special Events- holidays


Staying fit and sassy


Health and Wellness

Monthly luncheon health series-education and staying healthy
Food support, managing nutrition /food choices on a small budget.
Physical activities- tips on exercises you can easily do at home

Practicing safety in the home

Healthcare- Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance, medical follow up


Updating our skills!


Computer literacy training
Free Tax Preparation for all seniors

For additional information, call BJ Brown call 216-491-0699.

For additional information, call BJ Brown at Thea Bowman Center 216-491-0699. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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