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We Are Community! 

On October 3rd sign on to our website,, to experience our annual benefit video, sure to brighten your spirits and warm your hearts, something we all need at this point in time!

Our mission, “We listen to the people of Mt. Pleasant, learn, and do what they want and need,” is our North Star. Thanks to your support, we have been able to meet increasing needs in an environment that honors all who walk through our doors. Claron Wingo, a member of our Seniors group, says it best: “We lift each other up, encourage each other. You can feel the spirit. This is my family!”

We all feel the same way, and thanks to foundations, community partners, supporting churches, and individuals, we continue to make a significant difference in lives as we “Listen, Learn, and Do.”

  • Community Education:  we secured 16 new computers; provided training for 150 new participants of all ages, including GED students; and hosted 6 job fairs that helped 85 people get jobs.

  • Youth Program: In collaboration with MY/COM partners, over 2,500 youth were served. Our after-school program in partnership with Cleveland Metropolitan School District allowed us to provide tutoring, literacy, dance, cooking, Kung Fu, art, coding, and etiquette classes for 66 students K-8th grade at Nathan Hale School. Our TBC 8-week summer program for 25 young people included enrichment activities at the Center along with weekly field trip experiences.

  • Health & Wellness: Seniors’ bi-weekly lunch-and-learn programs hosted 40-50 regular participants. Outreach to men in 8 neighborhood barbershops enabled us to help 75 men secure glucose and BP screenings and establish one-on-one connections. Our food pantry served 10,500 participants, including grocery delivery to 80 seniors and people with disabilities who were unable to come to the Center. Five partner churches served Saturday hot lunches to 140 participants per week. Our tax preparation program served 535 residents and yielded $1.2 million in tax returns to the Mt Pleasant community! 

We can do this because of the support of individuals, families, companies, foundations, and churches near and far. Generous sponsors have already contributed $70,000 to this event!


In advance of the benefit on October 3, please help us match their gifts by:

  • Donating: at or with the enclosed envelope

  • Registering: your email address at to receive our “We are Community!” video and updates

  • Following: @theabowmancenter on Facebook

  • Spreading the word to friends and family to tune in and experience the joy of our community!

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"I find that when I am involved in the business of life, when I'm working with people, particularly with children, I feel better. A kind of strength and energy comes with that."


Sr. Thea Bowman

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