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We Are Community! 

On October 7 sign on to our website,, to see an exciting, informative video that will warm your

hearts as it illustrates our relationship with the people of Mt. Pleasant, our home for more than 50 years.


People trust us, believe in us, come back to us, and send friends!


Hear inspirational accounts from seniors, adults, youth, staff, and community leaders that bring to life our mission:

We listen to the people of Mt. Pleasant, learn, and do what they want and need. It has guided every step as we’ve

responded to needs during a pandemic none of us could have predicted. At Thea Bowman Center, neighbors find the

resources they need to live and thrive in their own backyard.

Generous sponsors have already contributed $40,000 to this event!

Please help us match their gift by:

  • Donate via the Donate button on this website or send a check to Thea Bowman Center,

  • 11901 Oakfield Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44105-1872

  • Click on the orange Register Now button to receive exciting updates

  • Follow @theabowmancenter on Facebook

  • Spread the word to friends and family to tune in and experience the joy of our community!

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"I find that when I am involved in the business of life, when I'm working with people, particularly with children, I feel better. A kind of strength and energy comes with that."


Sr. Thea Bowman

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