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The GOOD News


We did it and YOU made it happen!
The GOOD News from Thea Bowman Center
was our most successful fundraiser ever! 

This event has allowed us to share good news at a time when it is sorely needed. It has sparked enthusiasm and joy among participants, staff, and community leaders. Most importantly, your support allows us to realize our mission: We Listen to the People of Mt. Pleasant, Learn, and Do What They Want and Need.
If you have not had an opportunity to watch each day’s video, they are posted on our website: Feel free to forward this email to friends, family, and associates!
If you haven’t donated yet and would like to, simply click the DONATE button on this email to visit our secure site to make a contribution, or mail a check payable to Thea Bowman Center c/o Ella Thomas, 11901 Oakfield Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105-1872. Write “GOOD News” on the check. All gifts are 100% tax deductible.
Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Sometimes people think they have to do big things in order to make change.
But if each one would light a candle, we'd have a tremendous light.
- Sister Thea Bowman


“It’s given me a new life.”

Welcome to Day 1 of The GOOD News, guaranteed to brighten your day!


Click on the above link to hear the voices and listen to the stories of those we have come to know and love at Thea Bowman Center: youth, adults, and seniors.

We have been honored to serve the Mt. Pleasant Community for over 50 years.
With your support, we hope to partner with them well into the future.

“Listening, Learning, and Doing”


Welcome to Day 2 of The GOOD News, guaranteed to brighten your day!

Early last year Thea Bowman Center updated its mission statement:
We Listen to the People of Mt. Pleasant, Learn, and Do What They Want and Need.

This statement has energized us and enhanced our relationship with the people of Mt. Pleasant during a uniquely challenging time for all of us.

Click on the above link to watch a video that is sure to warm your heart.

"Come on in!"

Welcome to Day 3 of The GOOD News!

In today's video, program participants, staff, and community leaders describe what Thea Bowman Center means to them, and share their vision of what we might accomplish going forward.

Sincere thanks to all who have donated during this benefit.
Because of you, we can say, "Come on in!"



Eileen M. Burkhart & Co., LLC 


Karen and Jim Leith    

Musca Family Charitable Fund.   

The O’Brien Law Firm LLC 

St. Dominic Church



Jeff and Susan Cheshire

Louis and Jayne Geneva 

 Jennifer Sullivan

Kim and Greg Stein     

Susan and Arthur Karas   

Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC 



Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

Elizabeth Macintyre, MD

Untitled design.png

Frank E. & Helen Tinus Charitable Fund 

Gayle Bullock

Susan and Bill Seitz. 

RCF Group



Ameriprise Financial

Dean Family

Glo Rose Books 

Annette and Mark Sutherland

Glo Rose Books.jpeg


Emily and John Schetter

St. Rita Parish

The Wasserman Consulting Group 

Carole Tremaglio

Dorothy and Bob Valerian


We Need Your Support Today!

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