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Saturdays 9:30- 1030 A.M.


SATURDAYS are the most important day of the week to carry out our MISSION –listening, learning and doing what people want and need.

The Davis Food Pantry started over 55 years ago and the Thea Bowman Center continues to provide this valuable resource to a community faced with daily hardships and circumstances beyond their control.

Food support is offered every Saturday and residents can select healthy and nutritious foods that they want and need for their families or their own personal health. Food support includes bread/bakery items from a local grocery store.

Saturday is a time of fellowship and neighbors and friends are free to volunteer, sign up and participate in planned activities e.g. job support, men’s workshops, youth activities, visit the market place for clothing and other items.

 Emergency food is available upon request during the week and seniors home delivery is available monthly.






The Intergenerational Garden in partnership with Ohio State Extension- summer sprout was
started in 2014 designed to engage seniors, adults, and children located at 112 and Kinsman.
The garden is operational from April to October and community residents are welcome to participate and enjoy the labor and harvest of fresh seasonal vegetables.

We Need Your Support Today!

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