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The Thea Bowman Center’s “Davis Food Pantry” started over 50 years ago responding to the
circumstances and needs of a changing community. The food pantry continues today, providing
support to a new era of hard times and circumstances facing the community. Responding to the
voices of the community, our goal is to provide opportunities for residents to select healthy
nutritious foods of their choice to meet the needs of households. We will provide emergency food upon request during the 
During pantry time masks are required and social distancing. We supply safety items (masks,
hand sanitizers). 




Our partner churches have prepared nutritious hot meals for over 30 years at the Thea
Bowman Center. This act of kindness brings joy to the residents, to be able to have a nutritious
meal and socialize with neighbors and friends every Saturday.

Please contact BJ Brown 216-491-0699 X 212 for further information or donations for Food

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The Intergenerational Garden in partnership with Ohio State Extension- summer sprout was
started in 2014 designed to engage seniors, adults, and children located at 112 and Kinsman.
The garden is operational from April to October and community residents are welcome to participate
and enjoy the labor and harvest of fresh seasonal vegetables.

We Need Your Support Today!

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