THEA BOWMAN CENTER… Love in the time of COVID

Staff and Board share their vision of Thea Bowman Center 2023.


We are the heart of the community, known for being welcoming. We are a place where people can participate even though their lives are in disarray. We are financially and technologically strong. We have built strategic partnerships to leverage resources for our participants. Our grounds and buildings are vibrant, stable and strong. The people of Mt. Pleasant are engaged and involved in our growth. We are listening, learning, and doing.

THEA BOWMAN CENTER… Love in the time of COVID

Community partners describe Thea Bowman Center today

Authentic, possessing history, trust, and dependability. A community anchor; a trusting environment to learn and grow. They give from a desire for giving, not to gain. They are in a neighborhood that really needs them. They do it in ways that are affirming. They meet people where they are, understand them, and treats them with integrity. As an asset it is not only what is, but what could be. Can anything be better? Please join us on this journey!!


Thanks to our generous supporters, we have met the $32,000 challenge match!

We are humbled by your commitment to Thea Bowman Center and our Mt. Pleasant neighbors. Because of you, we will continue to make beautiful music!



We all can make beautiful music when we work together Thea Bowman Center is there for our Mt. Pleasant neighbors. You are there for us. With your support, every day is a HAPPY DAY!


We Need Your Support Today!

Thea Bowman Center

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