The GOOD News… Live from TBC! October 7, 8, and 9

Great things are happening at Thea Bowman Center, and we’re excited to share our GOOD
news with the world! Our three-day event will be hosted by Eleanor Hayes, former TV anchor
and longtime supporter of Thea Bowman Center. It will be a takeoff on network news as we
illuminate the lives and strengths of the people of Mt. Pleasant, and our relationship with them.

The first two days’ footage will include stories about Center participants and program
activities. Each day, emails will be sent to supporters before noon and posted on our website.

In October 9th finale, Eleanor Hayes will host a group discussion in which program participants
and community stakeholders will share their perspectives. It will be emailed to supporters at
5:00 pm and posted on our website.

The final night will also include a dinner option! A restaurant in each of our supportive
communities plans to offer takeout dinners and will donate 10% of proceeds to Thea Bowman
Center! We will post their contact info and menus on the website.

Last year’s virtual benefit raised $64,000. This year our goal is $75,000.

If you would like to join our production company as an Executive Producer ($5,000), Associate
Producer ($2500), Director ($1000), Casting Agent ($500), or Production Assistant ($250),

please complete the Producers’ Response form at the button below, email it to, or print and return it to Thea Bowman Center: 11901
Oakfield Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44105-1872.

The event and your support will be publicized via email, social and print media, and community
and church outreach.

Help make this our most successful fundraising effort to date!

We Need Your Support Today!